The 3rd stop of the wakeskate tour kicks off tomorrow (thursday) out at Reed Hansen’s place in Groveland, FL. When Reed found out he would be hosting the event on his property he went ahead and raised hell with his bobcat, resulting in one of the sickest builds we’ve seen for a wakeskate contest. He has several hundred hours invested in this project and Thursday will be the grand unveiling. We caught up with him today to get some perspective on what exactly went into this build in Top Five fashion. See you Thursday.


Top 5 most important tools when building Battle Falls:


2. Headphones for bobcat

3. Friends that don’t mind laying sod

4. Laser level

5. A good massage therapist


Top 5 most helpful hands in the build:

I don’t want to put them in any order because everyone has helped a lot these last few weeks:

1. Joel Zentmeyer

2. Josh Zentmeyer

3. Ryam Dahlem

4. Dieter Humpsch

5. DJ Oetting

6. Craig May

7. My Dad


Breaking ground with no idea what lies ahead…


Top 5 challenges building Battle Falls:

1. The biggest challenge was the timeline. I didn’t know my event was in June until a couple months ago, so we really had to kick it in high gear to complete it.

2. The electrical, the pump and the Sesitec System 2.0 are all ran on 480 volt so everything is used at an industrial application level. They expect you to plan it out months in advance so when you order electrical supplies they usually don’t come for a month or so.

3. I have proven to mess up concrete work in the past so getting past that was hard haha.

4. Getting 5 bolts off of the side of the sprocket on my bobcat. We had to put the wrench on and put a jack under it to break them loose.

5. Not wakeskating for the past two months because I have been building 24/7.


Top 5 alternate names for the build:

We were considering

1. Hiatus

2. Battle Creek

3. Snake Bite

4. Judgement day

5. The two step


Top 5 injuries building Battle Falls:

1. Ryan Anderson stabbed himself in the leg trying to cut his jeans into shorts. Haha that’s all I can think of.


Top 5 things to bring to a wakeskate event in Groveland, FL:

1. Chairs

2. A good time

3. Friends

4. Snake repellent

5. A bowl of rice


Top 5 songs that will be on the playlist for the event:

1. Seminole wind

2. Bark at the moon

3. Anything from Motley Crew.

4. Country boy can survive

5. Safety dance


That’s one hell of a swimming pool there sunny boy…


Top 5 things we shouldn’t be surprised to see as we drive through Groveland to the event:

1. Tractors

2. Cows

3. Trees

4. Mexican Restaurants

5. Mud trucks


Top 5 nature discoveries during the build:

1. So many snakes

2. The different layers of soil in my yard as I went further into the earth

3. Birds flock my bobcat while I’m digging

4. How easy it is to get stuck when your moving mud in a tropical storm

5. How hard it is to grow grass


Top 5 records set during the build:

1. 220 hours on the bobcat

2. 440,000 gallons of water pumped out of the well.

3. 30 pallets of sod placed

4. 128,000 lbs of concrete

5. 3,000 gallons per minute of water moved by Poseidon (the water pump).


Thanks to these guys, we’re all in for a big surprise at Battle Falls.