Top 5 things about running your own company

1. It’s nice knowing where the brand is headed, being just a rider you usually don’t have much control in that
2. Selecting the team we want. The guys that ride for us are amazing riders, but just awesome guys all around and work hard
3. If you f up it on you there’s no one else to blame.
4. I feel like this is a grreater position to have a voice in the future of wakeskating
5. Riders are counting on us. I think the serious wakeskaters out there want a change for wakeskating and Remote is going to do a lot to help make that happen

Top 5 things about being a TM

1. I get to stay in the industry I love
2. Work with friends everyday
3. Make my own schedule
4. Travel a lot
5. I’m not from a waterski background. I grew up snowboarding and skateboarding and you can see that in the riders I work with.

Top 5 favorite riders

In no order:
Ben Horan
Nick Taylor
Andrew Pastura
Matt Manzari
James Balzer
Funny how I picked that haha. You can’t ask me that question…

Top 5 TV shows

1. This Month: The World Cup
2. The Office
3. Modern Family
4. Curb Your Enthusiasm
5. 30 Rock

Top 5 things about being friends with James Balzer

1. Great attitude
2. Hard Worker
3. His outlook on life is awesome and I think that spreads to the people around him
4. He pushes me to ride a lot
5. He is a really good friend of mine and I’m glad I’ve met him from all of this. Even if I’ve seen him naked over 100 times.

Top 5 things about working for Nike

1. There new to action sports so the choices I make will impact a very big brand for a long time
2. I’ve learned more from working for Nike than any other job I’ve ever had. The team at 6.0 and all around action sports is on it.
3. Super fun guys to work with and travel with.
4. They’ve really backed me on the team. I think Nike has helped elevate some of our athletes to heights that some wake brands could not do and that is awesome to see for the sport of wake
5. Always having awesome shoes and clothes to rock.

Top 5 cars you’ve owned

1. 2004 Audi a4 wagon (as Ben would say Murdered out) for sure number one. I’m from Oregon and that’s how we do it.
2. 1998 Audi a4 wagon not murdered
3. 1981 Toyota 4×4 like the one from back to the future but even older with a better paint job
4. 1983 Toyota Landcruiser totally rusted out had to sell it right away, but it was awesome while I had it
5. 2000 Ford Excursion the Nike 6.0 truck. It’s seen a lot and always done me right

Top 5 tricks you’ve seen Andrew and/or Ben do first hand?

1. Ben Kickflip out of the flat rail to win 2007 Toe Jam I think 2007. It was just crazy cause it was on the line
2. Andrew 360 flip 3 times down Bens gap in the matter of 10 minutes while I was on a conference call. I was freaking out. It was so good
3. Ben first kickflip down a gap palm coast
4. Ben back tail back big
5. Andrew grape flip, it’s so crazy

Top 5 things you miss about Oregon

1. Gus, I know you might think this should be after family and friends, but I can’t talk to him on the phone. He’s the coolest dog ever.
2. Family
3. Friends
4. Better weather most of the time
5. cooler places to hang out

Top 5 things you like better about living in FL

1. It’s so easy to ride all the time
2. Everyone here has basically the same job as me so it’s convenient for having people to do other things with
3. Most of the guys we ride with are here
4. Boiled Peanuts
5. If you really want to ride or work in this industry there’s no way around being in FL for a majority of your wake career. Plus living at Henshaw’s pimpin pad is pretty awesome