Well, I am on my way to Texas for the second installment of Byerly's Toe Jam. Right now I am sitting in Denver International Airport. Luckily they now have free wifi (you just have to watch some ads and have an annoying pop up banner to access it), but good news since my layover is oh, three hours.

I am excited to get there already though. I like this stop because TSR is a much more civilized place to watch a contest, with air conditioning and indoor plumbing and what not. They also have a skatepark, and I actually brought my skateboard this year, although the pressure is on to get the shot, as Garrett and the rest of the Alliance crew headed to Brostock instead. I also have travel scrabble at the request of Nick Taylor, who is about to get his ass handed to him, repeatedly. Of course he'll probably be handing other people their asses on the water, so he'll be ok.

I am excited to see who's riding well on the cable. I am meeting up with Dieter Humpsh at the Austin Airport and if he decides to ride, I'd venture he's one to watch. Aaron Reed is also a TSR local these days,so we could see an upset. Either way, he'll know the good spots to spend the evenings.

Well, it looks like my battery is about to die, and while there is wifi, there are no outlets anywhere in this airport. So keep checking the site all weekend. We'll have video, photos, results in real time, and all the other stuff that will almost make you feel like you are there.