The poke is the ultimate measure of style on a wakeskate. Ryan Lemons spells out the art of poking your bone, so you too can look cool when you jump the wake (without having to spin or flip your board.)

First off, you want to have a solid cut into the wake, the more speed
you get the bigger you’re going to go.

Edge hard and pop off the wake by slamming your backfoot down and jumping up.

You want the board to be as vertical as possible while you’re rising up.

now start leaning back and push forward with your front foot and start picking up on your back foot.

ideally, you want only the side of your back shoe touching the grip, with your front foot barely on the board.

Now for the landing, you want to start pulling the board back and leaning more forward.

Pull it all back and stomp the landing.

Its a fun trick that you learn over time, just start out small and go from there!


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