I have been so busy this past month. I have gripped and epoxy sealed and packed and shipped multitudes of wakeskates. I am beat! Here at Oak we will personally hand roll epoxy seal, grip and pack and ship every skate we do. We don’t outsource any of this. It can take a while and it's a lot of work, but this way we can be assured its getting done right every time.

I should have all shops their stuff by the end of next week and the week following! Finally! I already started work on some ’09 stuff. I got the new 2009 team board done and have already got the thumbs up from Kirby, Horan and Hooker on it. It’s such a nice board! It’s basically this year’s team shape and concave but with the Horan 45 degree edge. I think it’s the best thing I’ve done, haha, well at least Kirby said so. Also, none of the ‘08 skates will have pbt. I decided to do away with it. Just always felt like it was a separate part of a wooden skate and never liked the fact that it can slowly chunk off in pieces, which could be a sure way to hang up on a rail or ledge. All the new 08 skates will be heat transferred like a skateboard. In lieu of that, I have been working on and now finalized a new way for applying graphics to our skates. It’s not a heat transfer and it’s not a screening process. We refer to it as a wood/ ink integration process. I will be using this process for all our 2009 skates and a small limited batch of the 08s.I have had all the guys on the team testing it and it has proven 100 percent successful. I cant tell you the entire process, but I can tell you it keeps the board more of a wooden board now more than ever and even tougher too. Basically the board is nothing but wood, ink, glue, grip tape, and our bomber epoxy sealant. Me and all the guys on the team are very proud and excited about this. It’s something no one else has done yet in wakeskating and we are stoked that this is our baby and to be the first to do it!