The WWA hand selected the top six men and women wakesurfers in the world to compete for $25,000 in prize money, while showcasing the best skim and surf styles on October 2nd at the Malibu Houston Pro event. The contest showcased the world class surf wake behind the 25 LSV and the Malibu Surf Gate as well as the surf watch with Brian Grubb, Johnny Stieg, Parker Payne, Aaron Witherell, Grant Witherell and Noah Flegel who were all looking to take the crown and the lion’s share of the $15,000 purse. For the women, Jodi Grassman, Stacia Bank, Angie Viland, Caroline Villeneuve, Raya Walker and Raleigh Hager were all invited to perform at the Malibu Houston Pro. For each group, the WWA is combined both surf and skim style wake surfing into one division where the riders chose the surf style to they felt worked best for them to perform and compete with. Hit play to check out all the action!
2015 Malibu Houston Pro – Wakesurfing from Alliance Wakeboard Magazine on Vimeo.
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