Centurion Boats is a company built on dominant water sports performance achieved through rigorous innovation. We seek out individuals who are similarly charged to join our factory pro team. Wake surfing, hydrofoiling, Guinness World Record holding adventure athlete, Grant Korgan is just such a person. We are proud to announce Grant as the newest member of Team Centurion Boats (#TeamCenturionBoats). Being on this team isn’t just about podium finishes. Even more important than the destination of winning is the grace with which that journey is made. Poise, character, determination and heart are the distinguishing traits of a Centurion Pro Team Member. The combination of these characteristics lead to winning in life, as well as in sport, and there is no one who is more of an example of this than Grant. Centurion Boats welcomes another high-performing quality individual to the team, Grant Korgan!
from Fineline Media on Vimeo.
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