nick splashI actually told Nike 6.0 that maybe they could chill out a little bit on hosting rad events so close together. After all, I’m not trying to turn Alliance Wakeskate into an ad for Nike 6.0 here! But the day after the party of the year that was the Aquafrolics Premiere, 6.0 rented out the Projects Wake Camp and held a free ride day. Just like the name implies, anyone was invited to come out and take sets behind the jetski or on the Sesitec 2.0.

The afternoon was a who’s who of wakeskating (and even some wakeboarders) hanging out, eating burgers and riding the rails. Since the party the night before was a bit wild, a few people showed up still in their prom attire (ahem, Nick Taylor) but apparently that’s just cause he wanted to ride in it (see the gallery.)

I would report on every single thing that happened, the tricks that went down, etc, but even we media-types like to get our feet wet once in awhile. I was lucky enough to get a boat set in thanks to Jeff McKee and managed to miss the bulk of the action, but don’t worry, you can check it out in the video.

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balzer boardslide

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