On Saturday afternoon on the pool gap at Wakestock, it was the turn of the wakeskaters to see what they could do on the raw street-style set up. This was no mean feat, as they had no practice before hand and the long steel handrails were a little daunting to say the least! Nevertheless, it was Matt Burns who came off the dock first and nailed the big ollie onto the down-rail and rode away first time, giving a huge confidence boost to everyone else. It wasn’t long before all the guys we moving on to try more technical tricks. Riding in the one-hour session were Si Powell, Reed Watson, Zander Jones, Will Bradley, Matt Crowhurst, Matt Burns, and Liam Smith & Terry Hannam representing the new British wakeskate company, Aesthetic Wakeskates.

It was a heavy session, with a lot of big crashes and some big tricks to boot, with Si Powell just about getting a 270 shuv off the incline gap rail and Ollie Moore showing his skills off with a backside lipslide to frontside 270 out on the incline booter, a far more technical trick than anyone was expecting to see. All the guys gave it everything and Wakeskating was well represented to the 25,000 strong crowd. Check back tomorrow for more on the pool, with the finals of the Rococo Rail Jam.