Editor: I got the chance to see Volume issue 7 for the first time at Texas Ski Ranch, along with Nick Taylor, Stu Shinn, Grant Roberts and Reed Hansen. My original plan was to have those guys give their thoughts on the movie, but unfortunately this whole “technology” thing is confusing and my phone recorded none of it. Instead of just cutting my losses and writing my thoughts, I decided to let my friend who’s never seen wakeskating review it. I gave him one ground rule: no making fun of Scott Byerly. Here’s what he came up with.

It isn't entirely true that I've never seen wakeskating before, I once saw a fat kid do it, but the jetski barely got him going. The guys in Volume 7 are way better than that fat kid, and the video has some banger clips. Alligators, snakes, E.T., butt-cracks (lots of butt-cracks), senior pictures, skateboarding, and the best riding wakeskating has to offer explode onto the screen.

Some of the editing may or may not have left me feelings like a seizure was coming on, but it was all to help the overall vibe of the movie so it worked for me. The riding was impressive, but what I liked the most was the natural features. Flipping and spinning is cool, but when you frontside flip a freaking concrete waterfall you grab anyone’s attention, no matter what they are into. Plus Danny Hampson’s gap out of an alligator-infested pond is rad, anyone who disputes that is dead wrong.

Other enjoyable segments were Ben Horan and his mustache, who filmed a day in the life, and he only went through four T-shirts to do it. Horan’s day will probably leave you hungry for both fried food and wakeskating. During the interview watch out for his senior picture, that one clip is worth watching the whole movie. Keep your eyes peeled for E.T. in this segment as well, Horan says they found the little guy on the side of the road driving to Georgia from California.

Stu Shinn stole the show in my opinion. Watch out for his banger and you’ll see why. Some of the video’s best footage is from a trip to the Florida Keys. It will easily make all of you jealous. Amazing shots of crystal blue beaches, high-def sunsets, and winching through wave sets will stomp your summer dreams into the ground by comparison, sorry guys.

P.S. The video comes out June 20th. Check out Volumewakeskatevideos.com to pre order (or order, as the case may be.)