It's no secret that Texas has plenty of winch gaps and also has one of the premiere cables in the world (Texas Ski Ranch.) But you know, Texas is a really big place. And if you don't live in Austin, or even if you live in Dallas, and wanted to take a set behind the cable, you better have a decent car! (Note: Fort Worth residents have easy access to the System 2.0 at Texas Mastercraft and should take advantage.)

But good news for the people of Dallas.  Zoning approval is pending (which should be granted this summer) on project that looks to take what was formerly one of the most polluted and destitute areas in the entire country, and turn it into a brand new cable park. The park will surrounded by a new community college and housing developments, and should eventually include multiple cables and a full skateboard park. 

So get psyched! The goal is a March 2010 opening, which if you can't do math is next summer!

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