Austin, TX (April 1, 2010)–

The State of Texas has issued an immediate and permanent ban on the sport of wakeskating within state lines. Citing the obvious danger of being unstrapped, Texas governor Rick Perry suspended usual state business after a visit to Texas Ski Ranch in San Marcos, in order to ensure the safety of all Texans. On his visit to TSR, Perry enjoyed the wakeboarding, and appreciated it is a fun activity for the entire family, especially the flips, but he saw only danger while watching people wakeskate.

“The young people were kicking their wake skateboards and they were flying every which way,” Perry said. “It’s only a matter of time before someone loses an eye.”

Perry returned to the state capitol and immediately pushed through a bill requiring participants of towed water activities be strapped in at all times. Five other states are currently in the process of reviewing the bill for possible adoption.

In response to the ban, Texas-based professional wakeskaters Clint Tompkins and Aaron Reed have reportedly switched to wakeboarding. Aaron Reed used a sequence of a 720, once published in Alliance Wakeboard magazine to gain sponsorship on the Liquid Force wakeboard team. Several other wakeskaters immediately moved to Florida, while the Shredtown crew issued a statement of approval, saying it was looking forward to having all winch gaps to itself.