….this morning's post…. I'm a little late on posting this, I've had a busy week. but Wakestock 2008 has arrived and it is turning out to be a good weekend. I'm just on my way out to go film the pro wakeskate qualifiers and then I'm going to be at the pool all day filming there. I'm already getting some good footage. Oh yeah, did I mention the Oakley pool is pulled by CABLE this year?!?!?! Yeah, its nuts, we are all getting to see this Sesitec Systems portable cable in action. The set up pulls you out of the pool and down into the lake over a few crazy rails and a double set, if you land you ride across the lake and turn around and come back and throw some flat water stuff.

Anyways, I'm off for the day. But I'll get some updates tonight as to whats been happening and hopefully no more injury reports.


Today I saw:

1 fingerflip, 1 late shuv over a double set stair gap, 1 broken bi-level and 1 crazy rain storm.

2 hard toeside crashes, 2 wake to wake late shuvs and 2 people get struck by lighting.

3 wake to wake bigspins, 3 kickflips, 3 heelside pokes and 3 people with the same camera.