Sometimes time passes and I don't even realize it's happening. That's the only excuse I have for entirely forgetting to give away the Liquid Force Skinny Handle yesterday. But today is another day, and so I remembered I forgot, and picked a winner.  Since this is a girl's handle, we figured it would make sense to give it to a girl, so congratulations to Erin O'Connell from Topsham, VT. All Erin did was send in 5 ways to use her old handle and bam, we're sending her a new one. Next week, this could be you and we've got a Gator Vertigo EVA Molded handle just waiting for the five best ideas. So send yours to and maybe you could be getting a present from brown santa (ok, actually we use the USPS cause it's cheaper.)

For more info on the handles check out the Alliance Wakeskate Handle Showcase or to enter this or one of our other giveaways check the Win Product section for more info.