Thats right, there are still gaps to be found in Orlando. I first ran across this little beauty about 6 months ago, and happened to stumble across Mr. Matt Manzari and Sir Reed Hansen hitting it wednesday evening while I was scoping out another gap in the same area. Crazy timing. Tj Giesy, Frye, Kevin Kelvez, Jen Gilanfarr, our awesome winch driver Andrew K and I decided to make a day of winching yesterday. First we hit metro (btw that gap still isn't played out). Got kicked out then decided to head to the other gap. As we were about to hit it guess who rolls up. Both Manzaris and Reed. It turned out to be a 6 car 8 person winch party. We had two winches going and got to hit it for awhile then ended up getting kicked out of there too. All in all, it was an awesome day of winching. ps. Please don't hassle me for directions, and in case your wondering. That pic is of the French style master himself Kevin Kalvez.