I had a really big weekend, wakeskate wise. Oh wait, no I didn't. In fact, it was kinda cold and I didn't even get the requisite "come winch" text from Zak Stone because his water box is officially out of commission. From browsing the interweb I determined that it was a slow weekend for everyone, not much to do but post hateful anonymous comments and think back on "the good old days."

But it wasn't all bad. I discovered that strawberry lemonade was finally in season at Burgerville, and tried to teach my sister to drop in on a skateboard. Considering it was the first day she'd ever stepped on a skateboard, it was pretty entertaining. You can check out that video here.

Oh yeah and Brandon Rau landed three flats kickflips, one of which Ben Horan said was "one of the best he'd ever seen." So I suppose it wasn't a total wakeskate wasteland. What did everyone else do this weekend?