Sometimes we wake up in the morning and think to ourselves, "Self, how can I look more like a wakeskater today? The problem with life is there aren't enough random websites explaining how to do things like this." 

Thank god we were recently alerted to the very useful site eHow and it's "How to Dress for Wakeskating" tutorial. We've decided to pull out a few of the most useful tips:

  • The board is something you ride with, not on. Look as good on the water as your tricks do in the air by showing up at the beach in smooth wakeskater style.
  • No self-respecting wakeskater would show up in short swim trunks. Go for that longer, somewhat baggy appearance. 
  • Women's boardshorts can range in length and tightness without canceling out the coolness factor. 
  • Look for a neoprene fly which won't snag on body hair like velcro.
  • Get wakeshoes. 
  • Wear sunglasses. Keep the sunlight and spray out of your eyes. There are many cool brands of glasses designed specifically with extreme water sports in mind.  

Got all that? Good, now you won't look lame either. Remember "The board is something you ride with, not on."