DVS is hooking it up! Starting right now and for the next five weeks, they are giving Alliance Wakeskate a pair of shoes a week to give to you! And we're kicking things off right, with a pair of the Limited Edition Cassette MAKR shoe. Here are the basics:

 This DVS Limited edition wakeskate shoe Inspired by Cassette and Makr laser projects has all the killer features. This shoe is made from perforated PU Nubuck buck leather for durability and drainage and has a laser-etched pattern on heal cup for added flair. The insole of the shoe is lined with waterproof nylon and a cork infused EVA sock-liner to keep it light, dry and nice.

Model- Dayton
MSRP $70
Shipping Spring 09 to select retailers

Now the bad news is, these babies aren't even in production yet, so they only come in one size, size 9. So if you are a size 9, you are stoked, and if not, well you're still stoked to own a pair of limited edition shoes and a piece wakeskate history.  (If you want your size though, wait to enter, cause you can ony win once. We've got a few other models to give away that come in any size you want, and one more pair of the Cassette shoes in a few weeks.)

To enter this one we're making you do some research though, an answering the questions below. The winner will be selected Monday, February 9th at random from all correct entries. Now put on your thinking cap!

1. Who founded Cassette Wakeskates?

2. Who was the Cassette rider most recently featured in an Alliance Wakeskate interview?

3. Thomas Horrell's new shop Keirin, sells what?

4. Name three other riders who rode for Cassette?

5. What is the name of the last DVS wake video?

6. Name one innovation Cassette gave wakeskating?

7. What former Cassette rider now works for DVS?

 To enter send your correct answers name and address to brooke@alliancewake.com. Good luck!