You can’t stop thorns, amoeba and the occasional reptile from hindering your winching experience, but you can take steps to make it the best possible time. You can’t set security to no bust like Xbox, but you can minimize the chance of get busted. If you’re going winching, remember these simple rules and not only will it make your set better, but keep the waters open and clean for sets to come.

Rule 1. Cops are your friends. A lot of times, being nice to your local cop will keep everything cool. If winch spots have posted No Trespassing signs you can get in trouble. Do not get yourself in more trouble by not complying with the cop. Explain to the officer what you’re doing and put on your best smile. Just be cool and a lot of times everything will end up cool.

Rule 2. Keep your winch spot clean. Numerous spots have turned into a bust because people left piles of trash and tore up the landscape. Do not give people a reason to kick you out. Be respectful of your winch spot and make it look like you were never there.

Rule 3.
Always secure your winch. Placing it in an area with an obstacle in front of it keeping it from moving is great. Or have some stakes to keep it from moving, another solution when there is nothing to stop it. Bring some tie downs or straps to keep it secure. You might think your winch is not going anywhere until one day it’s 10 feet under water.

Rule 4.
Winch maintenance is key! Love your winch and your winch will love you back. Give it a little grease and check your oil level regularly. The winch engine is just like a car, it needs to be maintained to run at its peak. Make sure everything stays tight on the winch also. Nothing sucks more then your spool coming loose when you finally pull the rope out.

Rule 5. Bring friends, but not too many. Friends are great to have when you winch, but too many people can ruin the set. Having a huge crowd of people is not going to help your bust factor. Remember, if your going to a very public area to winch do not turn your winch spot into a party. Coolers full of beer and loud music will have the cops or owners on you in no time.

Rule 6. Spread the stoke. When spectators ask “what are you doing?” tell them!

So get out there and winch! Keep searching for new spots in places you would never think of looking. Have fun with it and keep the All American winching dream alive. And when there are NO WINCHING signs posted at spots, we will all know that wakeskating has hit the big time!


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