On Saturday morning I found myself in Markham, ON after an intense night downtown Toronto with Scott Boysen. Running on 4 hours of sleep I called up Jordan Brown and Addison Farr and made plans to go winching at this dirty pond by a highway.

Scott and I decided to take this heavy ass box of his to hit, so we strapped it in the back of my jeep and just as we were heading out, Addison Rolled in. So he followed us to the spot and we set up the rail and just as we finished Jordan pulled in and set up the winch.

I was first up and it was my first time hitting rails since last fall so I was a bit rusty, I warmed up a bit then switched decks to the one I had my own Iron "replica" on, I had been DYING to try it out so I wasnt hesitating a second. I tried a few 5-0's but no dice, I couldn't stomp it.

Addison rode next and got a few good front boards and was trying some shuvs out and stuff, but he kept edging into the rocky shore and falling so he took a few breaks. He probably got the dirtiest out of all of us too.

Scott had fallen on some glass the night before (we think) and hurt his knee pretty bad, but it didn't stop him. He got in and threw down, had some clean front boards and a stylin' front lip. He also got a nice front board fs 270 out.

Jordan suited up in his full suit to avoid rashes from all the goose poo-filled water and had a few runs before we got kicked out by a cop.

All in all it was a great day winching and a fun way to kick off the season here in Ontario for us.

NOTE: unfortunately we only got video so I only got screen grabs here.