I checked out some of the action from Oklahoma on Fuel.TV today (live webcasts rule!) Unfortunately I started watching too late to see the wakeskating, but got to see James Balzer announce some wakeboarding, and even entered to win Reed Hansen's signed board. Thanks to the magic of the Internet I caught up with Reed Hansen via iChat and got all the dirt. In case you missed it, here's what he had to say. 

Brooke: who won your board?
was it me?

Reed: Some dude from wakestock, got struck by lightning

Brooke: oh bummer

Reed: why?

Brooke: cause i really thought i had a chance

Reed: haha, Sean Perry tried as well

Brooke: i am bummed i missed the wakeskating this morning
i am going to try and get up on time tomorrow

Reed: we ride at 2

Brooke: central time right?

Reed: yeah

Brooke: i think i can get up by noon

Reed: haha, nice

Brooke : who is there? same people as usual?

Reed: Yeah. finals is….Me, Stu, Balzer and Grubb

Brooke: balzer!

Reed: yeah it's sweet
me and stu beat out B.T.

Brooke: how's the venue? is it calm?

Reed: yeah its not bad. calm the first day, kinda breezy today

Brooke : did Stu learn any new tricks? like 720 late shuvs or something?

Reed: nope

Brooke: what about you?

Reed: nope, im going to try a late three shuv on the way in to the dock

Brooke: sick! have you done that before?

Reed: nope g2g