Last night at Princes Club, Ben Howells unveiled the finished product from a project that he has spent the last two seasons working on, the all cable wakeboard film ‘Ice Cream’. There was a great crew of guys down for the screening including stars of the film, Nick Davies, Gary Stelfox, CK Koester, Steph Caller, Deano Warboys, Connor Jones and Lewis Cornwall to name but a few.

This film is a big step up from Ben’s last release ‘Scenes’ a few years back, and his matured view on the sport combined with new equipment enabling him to shoot full HD with great lenses, has made for a genuinely entertaining wakeboard film with great riding that shows the UK to be the hotbed of talent we really do have.

The premiere itself was a low key affair which acted as more of an advance screening to friends and fans ahead of the films nationwide release this Wednesday as a free to view video on the Ice Cream website. Still the whole gang made the most of the sunny evening at the cable with some beers and good times to celebrate Ben’s achievement in showcasing the skills of all involved in the project.

We will have a full review of the film later this week once we have received our uber-special preview copy, but until then check out the trailer and get ready for a great half hour of wakeboarding and wakeskating for free in a few days time.