Way to greet someone

Best: from a distance so that theres no messing up of hand shakes

Worst: awkward european kisses


Thing about being British

Best: our sick wakeboard nation

Worst: football fans


Places you’ve ever ridden

Best: philippines

Worst: skegness


Thing about energy drinks

Best: they taste so good

Worst: getting the shakes


Trends in wakeboarding

Best: i love the crazy colours that people wear

Worst: peaked helmets and them random people you get that wear goggles when they ride.


Gadget or toy you’ve ever bought

Best: xbox, mac book and my Xmini speakers for all the hotel to hear

Worst: a spell checking calculator ha ha!


Computer games

Best: BLACK OPPS all the way, I live for it. add me up people

Worst: pretty much every other game as i’m so bad at them all


Types of rails

Best: long flat bars and step ups

Worst: big overkill fun boxes and thin rails


Thing about looking like Justin Beiber

Best: girls love it, people think i can sing, and getting into clubs free

Worst: getting gay guys hitting on me because i’m so dam cute


Excuse for falling on a simple trick

Best: i just try to just pull it off as a joke and if that don’t work i just blame the guy on the carrier in front of me

Worst: my boards snapped and i am hungover


Thing about the internet

Best: got to be Facebook youtube and vim, and some other cool sites

Worst: freezing up when i’m half way threw a movie, and pop ups suck to


Thing about being a pro rider

Best: getting to travel all over the world to comps and meeting new people

Worst: talking on camera


Way to spend an evening

Best: B.B.Q at the lake chilling with the lad at the cable

Worst: at the airport


Boat trick

Best: 313

Worst: no hander or bell air in the flats


Cable trick

Best: 315 double to blind switch mob 5

Worst: power slide


Thing about living in the midlands

Best: i don’t live there i live in suffolk (editors note: well It’s not north and it’s not south!)

Worst: it’s cold there


Way to ‘claim’ a trick

Best: crying ha ha, no just hand in the air calming the hell out of it

Worst: trying something else right after and getting worked


Thing about shooting photos

Best: getting in mag’s, new profile pics and working with new people

Worst: riding bad for the guys taking shots


Part of traveling the world

Best: seeing amazing places and meeting amazing people

Worst: missing home and running out of money