Way to greet someone
Best: High five
Worst: Hitting nuckles

Thing about being British
Best: Good cables to ride at
Worst: The weather

Places you’ve ever ridden
Best: Turkey, Hip-notics
Worst: Langenfeld cable 1, always massive que and always choppy

Thing about energy drinks?
Best: The buzz
Worst: The shakes

Trends in wakeskating
Best: No board shorts
Worst: Peaked helmets

Gadget or toy you’ve ever bought
Best: iPhone 4
Worst: Alarm clock

Computer games
Best: Skate 3
Worst: Halo

Types of rails
Best: Smooth flat bars
Worst: Huge Kickers

Thing about riding with your brother (Chris ‘Gafro’ Harrington)
Best: Seeing him progress with bigger tricks
Worst: Being stuck on the carrier behind him

Excuse for falling on a simple trick
Best: It was choppy
Worst: The sun was in my eyes

Thing about the internet
Best: Facebook, new videos all being posted
Worst: Addiction

Thing about being a pro rider
Best: Travelling around the world, meeting new people and riding new places
Worst: Getting behind on college work

Way to spend an evening
Best: Chilling on facebook, watching tv or playing Xbox
Worst: Driving to places far away

Boat trick
Best: Wake to wake
Worst: In to out tricks

Cable trick
Best: Kick flip
Worst: Surface spins

Thing about being involved at the start of a new wakeskate company
Best: Trying out the prototype boards and being a part of the first British wakeskate company
Worst: Nothing

Way to ‘claim’ a trick
Best: Fist pump
Worst: Trying it again and getting smashed

Thing about shooting photos
Best: Getting in the mags, shooting with different people
Worst: Riding bad when they are taking photos

Part of traveling the world
Best: Seeing new places meeting new people
Worst: Don’t like foreign foods that much