Way to greet someone
Best: Hola with a big smile!
Worst: Countries where you have to give 3 kisses … takes well long!

Thing about being Argentinean
Best: Weather, people and food is great!
Worst: Politics and corruption

Places you’ve ever ridden
Best: Reyunos in Argentina – Bairex Wake Park.
Worst: Cold and choppy water

Thing about energy drinks?
Best: Monster
Worst: The other brands!

Trends in wakeboarding
Best: Short shorts
Worst: Tight long bordies

Gadget or toy you’ve ever bought
Best: All my apple stuff
Worst: The stupid case that scrached my ipod

Computer games
Best: Pac-Man
Worst: Call of Duty .. cause Dan doesn’t talk to me when he is playing

Types of rails
Best: Roof Top
Worst: Huge steep kickers

Thing about living with Dan Nott
Best: I always have a driver next to me!
Worst: When he gets mad at me cause I cant drive good double ups

Excuse for falling on a simple trick
Best: Blame the driver
Worst: So flat that I couldn’t see…

Thing about the internet
Best: Keeping in touch with my family when Im traveling
Worst: When you steal your neighbours wifi so the signal is bad

Thing about being a pro rider
Best: Travel around the world knowing amazing places and people
Worst: How expensive it is

Way to spend an evening
Best: Riding with friends
Worst: Waiting for the wind calm down

Boat trick
Best: Indy ts backrolls
Worst: Fashion air

Cable trick
Best: Spins on the kicker
Worst: People pulling you off the rails.

Thing about endless summers between Argentina and Spain
Best: Always hot and nice to ride
Worst: Moving and packing

Way to ‘claim’ a trick
Best: Let go the handle and get all your mates in the water with you
Worst: Don’t even celebrate so others think you do it all the time

Thing about shooting photos
Best: It’s always fun!
Worst: Waking up early and riding sleepy

Part of traveling the world
Best: Seeing different cultures
Worst: I hate foreign food