Blackpool Wake Park hosted the second stop of their wake series on Saturday. The series, now in its second year is run by the crew at Industry Wake Parks and is all about a fun day riding together with a competition in the evening. In the comp each rider gets 6 runs with unlimited falls and all the riders are split into several divisions meaning everyone has a decent opportunity to win some goodies from Mystic and System 2.0.

The day was typical of the British summer so far, with blazing warm sun one minute and a thunder storm the next! The storm stopped play for about half an hour at one point with huge lighting practically straight over head.

The riding was as always a pleasure to see, especially in the rookie division which is full of people who have only started riding this year and they were busting out 36o’s on the kicker and plenty of nice rail tricks. It is always good to see these new comers to the sport stepping up and loving the day’s activities.

In intermediates Scott Taylor from Watersports World took a deserved win, he has been riding plenty this year and has improved a huge amount. In the open men Jordan Phillips took the top honours with a run full of clean and technical tricks. Sarah Killip won open ladies and Amy Dickinson won the ladies rookies. The junior top 2 could have easily landed on the podium in open men and both Taylor Knight and Alex Brandwood had their best runs ever.

It was a fun day riding, hanging out and dodging the weird weather. A big thanks to Blackpool Wake Park and all the sponsors. The third and final stop is Saturday 29th September.

Mens Rookies
1st Jack Beaman
2nd Martin Davies
3rd Adam McCarley

1st Taylor Knight
2nd Alex Brandwood
3rd Josh Baird

1st Scott Taylor
2nd Alex Thompson
3rd Mike Molloy

Ladies Rookies
1st Amy Dickinson
2nd Zara Akhter
3rd Rhia Spall

Open Ladies
1st Sarah Killip
2nd Jess Knight

1st Simon Powell
2nd Matt Boote
3rd Rik Baird

Open Men
1st Jordan Phillips
2nd Rik Baird
3rd josh Farley