Freistett-Rheinau, August 2012 – Thousands of spectators and a whole bunch of Wakeboarders
celebrate whilst the 8th annual “Chill And Ride powered by NISSAN” at the Rhine, next to
Freistett-Rheinau. The heat down from the Sahara which made this past weekend the warmest
of the year and some of the best wakeboarders from around the world were the perfect
ingredients for a top notch contest and party event!

The Event
A summer without “Chill And Ride powered by NISSAN” is like wakeboarding without a board – unthinkable!
That’s why every year again, more and more wakeboard-crews travel with their boats down to the southwest
of Germany in order to be welcomed by the spectators on the Rhine. The event which was once the
gathering of a small scene is now the biggest wakeboard-boat meeting throughout Europe. More than 50
wakeboard-boats lined up on the contest track surrounded by even more spectator-boats. On the other side
the crowd filled the banks of the Rhine and between these two rows the action took place on a 400 meter
competition track. The base was also host for the exhibition of partners and sponsors, there were areas
providing drinks and food and small and big kids were able to take part in raffles and win prices. Additionally
this weekend was again accompanied by perfect weather, no cloud at all and temperatures far hotter than
30° Celsius. Perfect conditions though!

The action on the water
Meanwhile the “Chill And Ride powered by NISSAN” developed into one of the top events throughout the
year. There is no bigger competition on the boat in Germany and that is why it get’s more and more attention
by international riders. This year some of those big names where Korina Smyrek (SUI), Sian Hurst (IRL),
David O’Caoimh (IRL), Dominik Hernler (AUT), Nikita Martianov (RUS), Dylan Mitchell (RSA) and Conni
Schrader (GER) besides many others. The crowd was again entertained by Sandro Reinhardt and Harry
Döpfert, who informed them with stories around the sport and riders.

The first competitions took place on friday. Wakesurf women where the ones to open up the weekend
and it was again Korina Smyrek (SUI) who performed best and left no question about her victory. With
stylish cuts and some good airtime she placed in front of Saskia Groenewegen (NED) and Stefanie
Walter (GER). Next where the wakesurf men and it was a close race as well, but as for the ladies the
winner of last year was able to defend his title: Tobias Reißmann (GER). He showed rotations as well as
smooth style, airtime and variation, which was enough to be placed in front of Michael Steinlesberger
and Andreas Krüger (both AUT). Last decision of the day was the wakeboard amateur men competition.
Dominik Lindemann showed a good variety of tricks which earned him 3rd place and best german
participant. There were only two guys from switzerland who defeated him and finally it was Marc Müller
went away winning. Marc showed some stylish glides and save rotations which placed him in front of his
buddy and last years winner, Sam Lutz.

Saturday at Chill And Ride is traditionally the Team-Challenge day. Groups of four riders (with at least one
female) team up in order to compete together against their opponents. This was where the biggest
wakeboard names showed up for the first time and that is why the podium was home to some international
names: Team Mastercraft 2 (Carro Djupsjö [SWE], Dylan Mitchel [RSA], David Coates [GBR] & Lucas
Langlois [FRA]) behind the brand new Mastercraft X-Star 2013 took the title, in front of Wake Team Germany with Sian Hurst and David O’Caoimh (both IRL) partnering with Dominik Lindemann and Philipp
Schramm (both GER) on their Mastercraft X-55. The podium was completed by Team Mastercraft 1.

The wakeboarding highlight of the weekend went down on sunday where 5000 Euros cash where waiting for
the triumphant ones. It were again the ladies who opened up the game. Four of them were able to qualify
for the big final and it was obvious, that two countries would fight for the title: Ireland and Sweden. Pete
Reißmann and Katja Eibelshäuser (both GER) showed all there skills and went home with place 4 and 3 in the
finals. Carro Djupsjö (SWE), reigning European-Champion, showed some more airtime and variation which
meant that she would stand up on place 1 of the winners podium for the second time this weekend. But last
years winner Sian Hurst (IRL), was even happy on taking home 2nd place.

Afterwards it was the Pro Mens category to be started. Names which where normally only known for Worldor
European-Championships marked that “Chill And Ride powered by NISSAN” was going to see top notch
wakeboarding like never before. 20 participants started, but there were only six places in the finals and that
was why some of those big names already packed their stuff before. The finals went not that well for former
Chill And Ride winner Yann Calvez (FRA) and so he took home 6th place. Sam Carne (GBR) took 5th place and
Nikita Martianov (RUS) missed the podium just by a few, even though he showed some really massive tricks.
After one year missing because of a surgery, Lucas Langlois (FRA) had a perfect comeback and went home
on 3rd place. He was only defeated by Dylan Mitchell (RSA), who was riding like there is no tomorrow, and
one more well known name at the “Chill And Ride powered by NISSAN”: David O’Caoimh (IRL). David was
the last to start in the finals and saw all his opponents competing very well, which meant a lot of pressure on
his shoulders. Inspired by his crew on the Mastercraft X-55 he stomped one hell of a run: 720 rotations,
Moby Dick, KGB, Whirlybird-540 and many more tricks… Like this it was a close but clear decision, that the
team of chiefjudge Parks Bonifay, who joined the event for the first time, gave most points to the young guy
from the isle. “It was a tough fight for my victory last year, but with this worldclass riders lineup this year, I
wasn’t really thinking about winning again. In the end everything worked out perfect and so I’m very happy
that I was able to defend my Chill And Ride title,” David whilst the presentation ceremony. “I can’t wait to
come back to this perfect event next year, to try winning the hattrick!”

Partying at the Karcher Werft
The parties at the Karcher Werft are part of the event as well as the action on the water. Thousands of partypeople
came to party and take some drinks at the event location just after the ceremonies. On thursday it
was more like a chill out of the wakeboarders, but on friday the crowd celebrated at their best at the “Who
Goes Bass” party where DJ 5. Ton and DJ Tease where throwing down some solid beats. There was no space
on the dancefloor at all! Same on saturday where the DASDING Party was hostet with their DJs who sent it
till dawn! At least for those who didn’t want or have to get on the water in the early morning.
Thanks to all those being involved

Danièl Butzerin-Schütze and his wife Tanja, who are responsible for the event from it’s very beginning: “Year
after year Chill And Ride powered by NISSAN gets bigger and bigger again. There are many reasons, but first
of all a big thanks to our main-sponsors NISSAN, Relentless Energy Drink and Mastercraft for their support.
But we also have to say thank you to the Jet-Team, Ronix Germany, Stage Concept, Liquid Force and the
Cocuma Club as well as to all other sponsors and mediapartners. Then there are the boat-crews, which come
down long ways, the pro riders, which show some top wakeboarding on the water, as well as the spectators
who cheer them up as much as possible and our crew of helping hands. Without all these components, our
event wouldn’t be as successful as it is. Thank you! We are already looking forward to 2013 and start planing
right after this weekend!”

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Final-Results Overview:
Wakesurf Women
1. Korina Smyrek (SUI)
2. Saskia Groenwegen (NED)
3. Stefanie Walter (GER)
4. Hannah Schramm (GER)
5. Nancy Vant Hoff (NED)
6. Martine Koch (LUX)
Wakesurf Men
1. Tobias Reissmann (GER)
2. Michael Steinlesberger (AUT)
3. Andreas Krüger (AUT)
4. Harry Döpfert (GER)
5. Ray Dopper (AUS)

Wakeboard Amateur Men
1. Marc Müller (SUI)
2. Sam Lutz (SUI)
3. Dominik Lindemann (GER)
4. Hembo Fleig (GER)
5. Sascha Lagerin (GER)

1. Team Mastercraft 2 – Carro Djupsjö, Dylan Mitchel, David Coates & Lucas Langlois
2. Wake Team Germany – Sian Hurst, David O’Caoimh, Philipp Schramm, Dominik Lindemann
3. Team Mastercraft 1 – Kerstin Kleinenbrands, Nikita Martianov, Sam Carne & Paul Johnston
4. Get High Boarding School – Pete Reißmann, Ray Dopper, Alex Neuwirth & Tobias Dammith
5. Team Ronix – Sigi Bächler, Conni Schrader, Bernhard Hinterberger & Dominik Hernler
6. Team Malibu – Katja Eibelshäuser, David Vervenne, Sascha Lagerin & Riley Cerven
7. The Beerdos – Ottilia Varga, Marc Müller, Paul Morgen & Sam Lutz
8. Sex Tape Party – Aurelia Guerrero, Laurent Pichois, Djamel Dede & Yann Calvez
9. – Julia Meyer, Christophe Vogt, Pascal Perrotette & Phil Hodler

Wakeboard Women
1. Carro Djupsjö (SWE)
2. Sian Hurst (IRL)
3. Katja Eibelshäuser (GER)
4. Pete Reißmann (GER)

Wakeboard Pro Men
1. David O’Caoimh (IRL)
2. Dylan Mitchell (RSA)
3. Lucas Langlois (FRA)
4. Nikita Martianov (RUS)
5. Sam Carne (GBR)
6. Yann Calvez (FRA)