Contesting – Blackpool Wake Series Stop 2

The second stop of the Blackpool Wake Series took place last weekend and Alliance was there to see how the North West riders are progressing. The series is all about getting people out on the water and giving them as much riding time as possible. The format is simple, from daylight till 4pm it is freeriding, and everyone can ride as much as they want. Once 4pm comes the comp starts and each rider gets 3 passes to impress the judges, within the Rookies, Juniors, Ladies, Open Men and Wakeskate divisions. A slight change in the format for the second stop meant that open men was obstacles only and then there was an Air Trick contest in the evening. It is very hard to combine air tricks and obstacles in one judging format so Blackpool Wake Park decided to crown an obstacle champion and an air trick champion.

With plenty of interest and over 35 riders signed up in advance of the event Industry Wake Parks decided to come and install their very own System 2.0 right next to Blackpool’s own rig. This meant the riding time was doubled for all the entrants, which went down very well! The sun was out but the lake had a bit of a wind blowing up a chop so conditions were a little testing.

Fat Boy sponsored a chill out area and provided loads of bean bags, lights and comfy seating options for all to enjoy. The riders got some extra motivation by the sick prizes on offer from Oakley, SkullCandy, Mystic and Jacksy.

The highlight of the weekend for me was seeing so many new faces riding and seeing how well people from stop one had improved. Jamie Lomax took the win in Rookies and showed a huge improvement from the first stop, and Rik Baird has improved so much he had to ride in Open men! Both these two lads have been riding for less than 6 months. Also James Lanford should get a special mention for his skills and natural talent, he has only been riding for 3 months.




1st Jamie Lomas

2nd James Lanford

3rd Tom Knight



1st Sebastian Wilson

2nd Bella Thompson

3rd Joshua Baird



1st Anna Woodhead

2nd Sez Hughes

3rd Jenna McAvoy



1st Si Powel

2nd Callum Warren

3rd Paul McIver


Open Men

1st Max Main

2nd Toby Yeo

3rd Si Powel


Big Air

1st James Hackney