Text and Photos by James Young

Last week we travelled out to Belgrade in Serbia on the Tuesday hoping to get some riding in at the cable before the contest started, little did we know that after landing in Budapest, Hungary where we were catching a coach to Belgrade, that we had an 8-hour journey ahead of us. As you may of guessed we didn’t get to ride that day, on the upside we all lost weight due to the air con on the coach breaking a few hours into the journey.

Wednesday was Training day for the team’s and we managed to secure ourselves a respectable 11am session rather than previous 6am slot. Everybody was riding good even though the cable was a little lower than expected. Coming from here right off the back of the Telecom Extreme Playgrounds the weekend before to this was a huge difference for the likes of Declan Clifford, Jamie Smith and myself.

Thursday Friday and Saturday were the days of the main riding. Riding in WWA and IWWF events is tough as you have to change your riding style for each of the federations. Regardless of this Declan rode sick throughout but an unexpected fall in the final left him missing out on podium of which I think he is one of the people that deserved it the most right now, that boy is such a machine!

In the end Lior Sofer stood out on top with a mobe 5 and 315 as his main combo, props to him. Tor Young rode solid through the comp with roll to blind and 3’s both ways on the kicker, and Chloe Goudie took the 2nd spot going big and with style as usual.

The UK did claim a few top spots too, as Jack Battleday and Tor Young brought home the gold and titles of European Champions in Boys and Junior Girls.  The rest of the Team rode well all weekend as a result secured third place in the overal team event with a nice bronze medal.

Well done to the other Podium finishers Katie Batchelor, Kirsteen Mitchell, Ollie Moore and Chloe Goudie.




1st Germany

2nd Holland

3rd Great Britain


Open Men

1st Lior Sofer

2nd Mike Ketellapper

3rd Szebasztian Szolath


Open Woman

1st Denise De haan

2nd Cosima Giemza

3rd Kirsteen Mitchell


Junior Men

1st Niko Kasper

2nd Felix Schneider

3rd Janick Otto


Junior Women

1st Tor Young

2nd Chloe Goudie

3rd Anna Laura-Brabrander



1st Jack Battleday

2nd Sam De Haan

3rd Christopher Klein



1st Sanne Meijer

2nd Vanessa Weinhauer

3rd Katie Bachelor


Masters Men

1st Andreas Bottcher

2nd Matthieu Chanal

3rd Erik Munchmeyer


Veterans Men

1st Alexander Gamayunov

2nd Jochen Thiele

3rd Planinko Dekovic



Open Men

1st Jan Kissman

2nd Kevin Kobb

3rd Espada Tomas


Open Women

1st Michaela De Waern

2nd Zuzana Vrablova

3rd Ori Messeri


Junior Men

1st Moritz Thiele

2nd Marcel Tilwitz

3rd Ollie Moore