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I am traditionally a boat rider.  I grew up blasting up and down Lake Windermere in an old stars and stripes MasterCraft and loving the wake. Once obstacles came into the wakeboard equation it was an immediate love and in the past whenever I have been cable riding I have never given more time to trying to learn air tricks than a couple of attempts at a back roll. It basically just wasn’t my thing. I love the style of wake and kicker tricks and the similarity on rails to other board sports and that is what I wanted to do. It is funny how the world works because I have ended up selling cables and setting them up all over the place.

Over the last week we have had a System 2.0 wake park set up in Liverpool docks, right in the city centre. It is only set up for a 10 day period as part of an event called Spring On the Waterfront. Due to  the short time frame we didn’t install any obstacles so the time was right for Timmy to start putting some effort into his cable air tricks. The System 2.0 is setup 10m above the water and is 100m long meaning the cable is tight as can be and perfect for short line air tricks. I have absolutely loved riding every day and learning new tricks. Bearing in mind I install System 2.0’s for a living I had already mastered a few basic tricks like raleys and backrolls just so that I can show people what is possible, but I needed to step up my game.

Toby Yeo, James Hackney, Dave Knight and myself have been running the wake park in Liverpool for the last week and riding each day. James stuck a back mobe on his first try, I stuck a roll to blind on my third try, half cab roll on my first attempt and blind judge within about five attempts and Toby has stuck a handful of new tricks too. It is basically just unreal how easy it is to learn tricks on this setup. We have also taught about 10 people their first raleys and got through a barrage of beginners.

The wake park is open until Sunday May 8th so if you live in the North West make sure you get down and come and have a ride. I promise you will come away with a huge smile and that incredible feeling of learning a new trick. A feeling I had been missing for some time!

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