The champion and his extremely inconvenient 5 ft. trophy. Congrats!

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A less than 540 contest is pretty much a photographers wet dream. Grabs pokes, tweaks, snaps, and tons of other cool shit. As you can tell from the teaser video, it was an eventful day featuring tons of your stylish favorites. It’s amazing how many different ways there are to do the same trick, and this contest proved just that. Each and every one of these guys are known for standing out from the crowd with moves like method backside 180’s, wrapped rewind combos, TS 270 to method, toe back 3’s and more. With the overwhelming success and response to this first ever Alliance Less the 540 event, we plan to make it an annual tradition that will push the new generations of riders to focus on innovation instead of duplication.


Below we created a list of moves from the event and matched them up with the riders we feel do them best. These guys are to these tricks like PB is to J…


Randall Harris – TS FS 270 to method

Bob Soven – TS wrapped rewind 180

Bob Sichel – HS wrapped indy FS 360

Steel Lafferty – HS mute FS 360

Ben Greenwood – TS stalefish FS 360

Shane Bonifay – TS backside 180 late nose grab

Kevin Henshaw – HS Stalefish BS 180

Jeff McKee – TS backside indy poke to FS 360

Erik Ruck – HS FS stalefish shify to BS 180

JD Webb – HS stalefish to flats

Raph Derome – TS off axis backside 360 late melan

Josh Twelker – TS backside 3 late melan TWEAK


Agree? Disagree? tell us how you really feel Mr. Internet Assasin! Haha. For the full story on the Less than 540 event pick up the 100th issue of Alliance out now…