Photos by Toby Oliver

The UK’s latest Wake Park opens this weekend on Saturday 21st May. Club Wake Park is located at Grendon Lakes in Northampton and is an absolute peach of a venue. One of the advantages of their System 2.0 is that it only needs 15m of water on each side of the cable. The bonus of this is that they can be setup in extremely sheltered lakes, which is exactly what Club Wake Park has done. Alliance went down for a pre-opening check to see what the team at Club Wake Park have been up to and boy was it impressive. The first thing that sprung to mind was that it was crazy windy but the lake was still flat calm. The System 2.0 is 10m high and 210m long, making it probably the best 2 tower setup in the UK. Solid Jim (Sedgwick) was doing some absolutely massive air tricks and we saw plenty of tricks landed blind. This setup really shows the potential this kind of wake park has for learning air tricks.

Club Wake Park have built a rooftop rail, it’s a really good size and will appeal to every level of rider especially the more advanced ones. There is a double sided kicker ready to go into the water, and they are half way through construction of a flat bar. When they open on Saturday you can fully expect to have 3 obstacles at your disposal.

Toby Oliver the brains behind the new wake park has some serious plans for obstacle expansion and by the end of the year we think this place will be like a UK version of the Projects. Alliance is likely to be there on a regular basis and that is not just to take photos!

Club Wake Park is situated at Grendon Lakes meaning there is plenty of stuff going on including a boat lake, club house, bar, party venue, paintball, onsite camping and much more. On Saturday 21st for the opening of the park they will be throwing a little party afterwards at the club house so hopefully we will see you all there.

Club Wake Park
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