Last week Scotland’s first cable park opened for business, at Foxlake in Dunbar, East Lothian which is only half an hour from Edinburgh. I had heard a lot about this place over the winter and followed the project with huge interest as the location has all the potential to be the closest thing the UK gets to the infamous Radar Lake.

Surrounded by a variety of trees and woodland, this perfectly shaped System 2.0 lake is not only sheltered from the wind in every direction, but also a beautiful place to ride. There are a lot of System 2.0 parks in the UK but I was excited to shoot at one with such different surroundings to the others. Run as a Community Interest Scheme, this project aims to serve the community by providing jobs, work for contractors and a fun and exciting place for local residents, and from the opening day last week with a couple thousand people coming down to check out the setup, they look set for a huge first season.

Everything about this place has been done right, and while the owners and investors of the business are the first to admit that they are beginners when it comes to the watersports industry, through consultation with our own Mr. Woodhead and many others, they are looking to run a successful enterprise that stay respectful and true to the sports. The park is perfect, never windy and with a beautiful club house for relaxing in that looks over the bug sun deck onto the lake. James ‘Hackers’ Hackney is on loan from Industry Wake Parks to head up the coaching, and as someone who has spent the last two years building and riding 2.0 rigs you can imagine how well he is suited for the job. Last week Lee Debuse, Taylor Dell, Lewis Cornwall, Jack Battleday and I took a trip north of the border to see if Foxlake lived up to all the hype, and it was awesome. The guys rode non-stop through the few days we were there, arms in cramps and pain from hours on the cable but still wanting to ride the fun little setup some more. The weather wasn’t always great but the water was always flat so nobody cared about riding in the rain. The best part is being further north and away from city light pollution, it is light until nearly 11pm in the summer so you can ride even longer!

I can’t wait to go back to visit Foxlake this summer, and I urge you to visit yourself. An hours flight from Heathrow to Edinburgh is cheaper than it will cost you in petrol, they have places you can stay while there and you will be greeted with the warmest of welcomes. Trust me, book a flight and you will thank me later. We’ll have some video for you next week from couple of days we spent there. Thanks to James, Duncan, Penny, Callum, Hackers and everyone else at Foxlake for giving us such a fantastic weekend.