Welcome to this weeks Rail Clash, presented by JB Ski. Today we take to the Rooftop rail at Thorpe with two all-time greats in cable riding, as Ben Hitch takes on Gareth Stelfox.

In the last battle it was Marc Rossiter who was voted the winner with in the battle between him and CK Koester.

This week Lee Debuse introduces the rules and the riders. The format is simple: 2 riders go head-to-head on one obstacle, and take it in turns to do three tricks each.

This is where you come in – You are the judges for the Rail Clash. So when you’ve watched the video, scroll down the page and vote for the rider you think performed the best three tricks. You have a week to place your vote until the next video goes up, and this will run every Thursday for the rest of the year.
Enjoy the video, and make sure to vote for your winner.

who did the best three tricks - Ben or Gareth?

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