The rails are built and in the pool, the System 2.0 is running smooth, and the riders are amped to get the contest under way. A little bit of dark clouds and rain isn’t going to stop the Wake the Line parade, the contest is on and set to be better than ever. Today in Cologne, Germany was the practice day for all the pro riders before the big contest tomorrow. This year Wake the Line features 100% exclusive rails designed by Unit, and these things are legit. The startup pool features an A-frame gap on the rider’s right and a banked C-rail on the rider’s left. The middle pool has the Silas Thurman Unit pro model pool gap and the Nico Von Lerchenfeld signature rail. At the end of the run there is a combo wall ride / quarter pipe with endless possibilities. After just a day of practice the guys are ready to throw down and put it all on the line at tomorrow’s contest for some serious cash prizes. Stay tuned to for more updates and a full story on the event.