All photos by Martin Hawks

Unless you have just come back from a long holiday to Mars then you will know that it is Wakestock week! The social networking sites are slammed full of tweets and status comments from eager beavers who can’t wait to get up to North Wales. As you can imagine with a 25,000 people festival there is a heck of a lot of organising and building to be done before the event happens, and The Industry Wake Parks crew have been on site in Abersoch for the last 6 days setting up the marina rail for the boat contest and the pool gap and System 2.0 on the festival site.

This year the pool gap is a really technical setup with narrow metal handrails which will certainly give a few riders a bit of a scare. The real skilful rail guys will be winning this year, with tech-tricks as the way to get through the rounds. The setup has a straight down rail on the left side and kinked flat, down, flat on the right. Down the middle is a large incline rail which will force the riders to gap into the bottom pool. The System 2.0 is setup above the pool gap and will be the towing device for the wakeboarding which is slap bang in the middle of the festival site.

The marina rail was installed as the first job and this year it is a 102’ long step down A Frame. You could hit it backwards if you wanted but would have to step up a vertical 1’6” gap! The mellow angles should allow for a high standard of rail tricks to be seen.

The best thing about the Wakestock build this year is that only 15 minutes away is Glasfryn Wake Park so on a couple of nights the build crew has been over there for a play and also to install a third System 2.0 on their lake.

Most of the wakeboard build is now finished and it is time to enjoy some of world’s best riders sessioning the obstacles and enjoying the night life!