Photos by Martin Hawks

Glasfryn Wake Park hosted the qualifier event for the WWA Rail Europeans at Wakestock yesterday. With so many people wanting to ride the pool gap at Wakestock, they had to be fair and run a qualifier event. This year’s pool gap setup is gnarlier than it has ever been and a decent qualifying process was needed to not only select the best riders, but to also make sure the contest runs safely. Over 45 people turned up to ride and Glasfryn let them all camp and also hosted a wall ride comp in the dark that night.

The riding was split into men’s, ladies and wakeskate. In the morning it was practice and all the riders had a chance to get the setup dialled in. The judging started at 3pm and it was a scouting system with the judges looking for people with the skills to ollie onto big rails and be in control once on them. The qualified riders are:
Ben Hitch
Jack Kidd
James Mackay
John Busby
Max Main
Damon Bull
Si Chappell
Toby Yeo
Chloe Goudie
Ollie Moore
Matt Burns
These lucky riders will get a chance to hit the Wakestock pool gap. The winners of the wall ride comp will be announced at the pool gap prize giving on Sunday at 6pm.