The first of the 2012 O’Neill Wake The Line Qualifier Series is about to kick off at Hydrous @ Allen Texas/USA ( On Saturday 28th up to 45 riders will battle out the chance to compete at O’Neill Wake The Line in Cologne / Germany.

There are just a few places left and guys like: YAN TIBO, QUINN SILVERNALE, NATE PERRY, MELISSA MARQUARDT, MIKE ENNEM,
TREVOR BASHIR, OLI DEROME, MATTY HASLER and local hero CODY JOHNSON have already been confirmed. As you see the competition is tough and only the four best riders will be rewarded with a Wildcard and a free trip to Europe for the main event on June 2nd.

The qualifier runs in two group rounds and a final with the top eight. In the first round four groups of eight to 12 riders, determinated by chance, will have two runs, with the best four single scores advancing. In the second round two groups of eight riders, determinated after their points in round 1, will have two runs, best four single scores advancing to the final. The finals will have eight riders take two runs each, with the top single score of each rider counting towards the final event placing.

10:00 – open end Training
10:00 – 14:00 Training
14:00 – 16:00 Round 1
16:00 – 17:00 Round 2
17:00 – 18:00 Final

Besides the WTL judging criteria, judges will make their call upon three components: Control is essential since at O’Neill Wake The Line space is very limited. Extraordinary control is needed to get a good line through the entire course. Versatility is desired since we are looking for top skills in all sections. Creativity is required to step up the game and compete with the world’s best riders at this top notch event. Different lines, new tricks or unexpected moves not only fire up the crowd but also endorse rail events in general. The score is given on the overall impression of a run regarding this criteria.

With the Training beginning on Friday, the set-up at Hydrous Wake Park is ready for action.
The 1st hit will be the technical and style oriented feature “The Pipe Rail” by UNIT Parktech .
2nd hit: Legendary feature from “O’Neill Wake The Line”, the UNIT Parktech QUARTER PIPE
3rd hit: Reshaped UNIT Parktech KICKER, providing more airtime for solid rotations, inverts and glides.

We are already excited to see who will make his way to to O’Neill Wake the Line 2012.