Freedom is free again

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Last week the Pro-Tec helmets team gathered in Orlando to do some shooting for ads/catalogs/Facebook profile pictures/etc. It’s always a good time when you mix Keith Lyman, Kevin Henshaw, Amber Wing and Aaron Reed. This year Randall Harris and Stu Shinn were thrown into the mix for a bit, as well. For a couple days the crew did nothing but shred the rails at McCormick’s Cable Park and the Projects, all while wearing shiny new brain buckets. Reed is still on his way back from his broken leg (these were some of his first days back on a wakeskate since the accident and surgery), but everybody else was able to charge hard — to the point of exhaustion. Let’s just say that when there are only four of you at a cable park and you’re just doing lap after lap after you’re gonna experience a little fatigue (and some calluses).

Highlights from the week included Henshaw’s insane pressing abilities, Keith hucking himself off the kicker, Amber charging anything and everything, Randall getting organic and then making it through airport security with nothing but a debit card and Canyon Lake residence ID (he lost his license and passport during his last trip…), Freedom being a role-model cheerleader, and all of us seeing Chase Heavener live on SportsCenter while grabbing lunch at a restaurant near the cable park.

Be on the lookout for some videos from this gathering soon. In the meantime, don’t mess with your melon — get a helmet… Danger never takes a vacation, kids, so safety shouldn’t either…

(This public awareness message has been brought to you by Pro-Tec helmets and the staff of Alliance Wakeboard Magazine because we’ve all hit our heads one too many times and have subsequently run out of anything witty for this article)