Bob Soven, the flying Red Pepper? photo S. Smith

That’s right it’s here and it’s hot! RED hot! For the first time in almost ten years of Alliance Wakeboard Magazine, The cover is decorated with a redheaded ginger-boy. Is Bob wakeboarding’s Shaun White? maybe Ben greenwood will shed some light on the issue in his Matters column

Keep flipping to get inside the head of wakeskating’s Nick Taylor in the Best and Worst interview. Apparently he has some sort of fling going on with peanut butter, but we’re not going to investigate further on the issue. What Nick does with his peanut butter is between him and the knife that spreads it.

Wakeboarding in Abu Dhabi: Who would have though…

Issue 10.4 also takes us to the United Arab Emirates and see all the the city of Abu Dhabi has to offer. Riders Dan Knott, Amber Wing, Aaron Rathy and Nick Davies take the trip of a lifetime to promote our sport in this mesmerizing city. Editor Garrett Cortese was there as well, but the only site he managed to see was that of the hotel bathroom where he spent the days fighting sickness. Luckily our UK editor Sim Bradley was along for the journey with his camera!

The O’Neill wake team gets the chance to hang with pro surfers Roy Powers and Kyle Knox in Southern California on page 70 as they spend a day wakeboarding in the Carlsbad lagoon and then puddle jumping over to the beach for a quick surf as well.

Andrew Pastura by Adam Aslanian

Wrapping up the issue is The Dustpan Where cover boy Bob Soven joins Chad Sharpe for a couple of hits on Chad’s mega-kicker. The guys strapped on a couple of Shadowbox’s to document the days festivities and trust us, the results were impressive. When’s the last time you felt 5 G’s?