Robby Holihan is an Orlando native who has consistently shredded at both wake and cable events this past year. In addition, he’s a rad kid…the type we are pumped to have leading our sport into its next gen. Check out some shots from Robby’s camera roll of the 2013 season!


photo 1(3)

Tony Iacconi is a man of many talents. Wakeboarding and teaching wheelies are two of his better ones.


photo 4(2)

Made a new buddy last time I put my boots on!


photo 3(2)

I’ve been using the off-season to work on my dog whispering…submiss!!


photo 1(4)

Stay classy, OWC!


photo 2(2)

Early morning boat set with Massi…


photo 2(3)

Not your ideal entry when jumping out of 20-foot trees