Jake Pelot has been making some noise out at OWC and has recently started riding boat as well…he’s making a smooth transition to the boat thanks to his neighbor, Shaun Murray. 


Kicker or wakes: Kicker, they don’t need gas


Shoes or flops: Shoes, gotta look classy


Flex board or traditional: Flex


On a flight, book or music: Music, I only read when it’s necessary


Chipotle or Chick-fil-a: Yes please


Snow or skate: Uhhh no


Call or text: Snapchat


Single or significant other: Single


Molded or detachable fins: Detachable


1080s or double flips: Chuck ‘N Tuck


With the learner’s permit, driving with Mom or Pops: Mom


Land wrapped or pass: Wrapped for sure

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