Shoes or Flops: Definitely Flip Flops! If I could wear them all the time, I would. 🙂

On a flight, Aisle or Window: I prefer the window. It’s always amazing to see the world from up high.

Snow or Skate: Well, I snowboard better than I skate so I’d have to say snow.

Call or Text: Depends on the occasion but usually text.

Music or Tv: Music! I could listen to music all day long!

Steep Wake or Flat Wake: Lately I have been riding a flatter wake. I feel it helps me with my skim tricks.

Speed Control or Pin it: For wake surfing, speed control is a must!

Regular or Goofy: I ride regular while wake surfing and goofy while snowboarding…haha

Contests or Free Ride: There are good things about both, Contests are good because you can perform your best skills and if you can do it under pressure, it’s a big accomplishment. The whole contest scene can be pretty fun too. Free ride, you’re able to relax a bit, try new tricks, and really get them perfected. I would say that I prefer free riding!

Ice Cream or Drink: Well, I’m not really sure.. haha! I do love ice cream…yup, ice cream.

Lake or Ocean: I love both! If I have to choose, I’d say lake, it’s a little tricky to wake surf in the ocean and I’m not such a good ocean surfer.

Delta or Costa Rica: Killing me! I love them both! But I would choose Costa Rica..definitely!

Shuvs or Grabs: If I could do a shuv, that would be awesome! I feel shuv’s are more appealing to the eye than grabs.
Animated film or romantic comedy: Animated for sure, I’m such a kid at heart!