The 2015 Rip Curl Judgement presented by Tigé Boats saw us change direction, instead of videos featuring one rider, we asked crews from across the country to submit videos that showcased their crew doing what they do.

Once again we are blown away by the young riders, videographers and editors that are coming up in Canada, and we are so happy to be able to work with Alliance Wake to give these athletes an international venue to showcase their skills to a wider audience.

Our judges had their work cut out for them, but who better to pick the best crew video than Kevin Henshaw, Oli Derome and Vince Whiteman.

If you haven’t already watched them, please check out their videos above.

Congratulations to all our winners, we thank you all for working so hard on your videos, we look forward to seeing you continue to develop your riding, filming and editing skills in the future.

Thank you all for watching, we’ll see you in 2016!
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