“This edit is shot in our home park near The Hague, by Kasper de Zoete. The riders are: Kevin Muller and Niels Pilgram. We (the winching dutchmen) got fed up with long lines at the cable on sunny days, that’s why we’ve build this park. We’ve build this park out of the trash from building sides, it started off really small but we’re pretty proud of the park now! We never really got permission for it, when we showed up there the first time there was nothing around. Now the neighborhood is rising up around us, but we are still allowed to stay. Trektouw Winches build us this awesome e-winch, which we try to use to promote wakeboarding in Holland, that’s why we started pop-up winchpark. Pop-up winchpark is offering wakeboard clinics on the two way cable winch system. We do this on locations like, city centers, camping grounds and festivals. So our life is all about winching!”

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