Cutting In Wrapped
Do: Keep the wrap handle in a comfortable position to maintain a hard progressive edge
Don’t: Get stretched out cutting into the wake and be out of control

Popping off the wake
Do: Stay on edge all the way through the top of the wake. Make sure to get a good pop going into the 360.
Don’t: Let go of the wrap handle to early and start spinning before you leave the wake.

Do: Use your edge to initiate the spin. The tension on the rope from cutting in will help initiate the spin
Don’t: Try and grab before spinning

Grabbing Japan:
Do: Grab after spinning 180
Don’t: Grab to early, it’ll slow down your spin. This is the biggest key to this trick to make sure it comes around

Do: Spot your landing and land with your knees bent
Don’t: Let the rope get too far away from you. If you get extended coming down the landing will be way harder
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