— The INTRO —
The intro to Dog Dayz took a little planning, but the whole crew wanted to bring you into their world while filming this project. This was home base to all the athletes through out the year of filming this video.

The opening “hidden” interview was words from the OG west coast Legend himself, Rich Facciano. We have had many conversations over the years about what the “west coast” was trying to achieve in the early stages of wakeboarding. He was always so well spoken and I wanted to capture a “real” conversation. So I kept the camera rolling one day while Randall and Rich talked and came out with some gold. Hope the Dog Dayz crew is doing you proud as the next generation. Thanks for all you did to set the pace.

music credit:
album: GB CITY

MOVIE AVAILABLE for purchase worldwide on Vimeo.com also available on iTunes and amazon.com
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