Having back to back knee injuries is discouraging, but not to Gordon Harrison. With an abundance of tricks and no lack of style, its safe to say Gordon is doing a good job easing back into it. Check out a couple of sets with him as he get back on the water.

1. What’s it like finally being healthy after two years of injuries?
GH: It feels so good to finally feel like myself again and be healthy. I haven’t felt this good since before I hurt myself the first time.

2. What did you do different this time compared to last time?
GH: I stayed patient and this time it felt a lot better. Last time when I started riding again my knee didn’t feel like it used to but I just thought that’s how it would be because my doctor said it was good to ride again. Unfortunately after riding for a little I knew something wasn’t right, so I went back in. I wanted to get healthy again as fast as possible and this time around I feel back to normal.

3. Do you feel like you already have the majority of your tricks back?
GH: Yeah, I have been riding since last fall but just been quietly riding and making sure I came back at a slower pace than last time. I want to release a season edit and I have already got a few tricks on film that I have never landed before.

4. What are your plans for the year?
GH: It’s my rookie year, haha. It seems crazy to say that but it will be my first year competing in Pro at contests. I just plan on doing the Supra PWT and filming a lot. I am working with Tyler Soden to film a full video part and we have already started. I want to put out a solid video part and show people that you can come back from injuries and still be relevant. Mike Dowdy did it, so living with him has been awesome because he rides so much and is focused.

5. What did you want to show with this video?
GH: Just show that I’m recovered; and just a fun early season edit. You don’t always have to put out a banger edit. It’s the beginning of the year for most people and I just wanted to make a fun video showing that I’m still here and plan on doing a lot of shooting and contests this year.

Rider: Gordon Harrison
Videographer: Taylor Hanley
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