Guenther Oka is an amazing wakeboarder and all around positive person, having the opportunity to film him quickly showed me how capable and talented of a rider he really is. Both of us had very busy schedules to contend with, but we got out there and filmed as much as we could. Over the period of four months we finished what we set out to achieve. Looking back on the days spent behind the lens, I noticed that the ten total days spent filming was all it took for Guenther. With that being said this was a project we could both be proud of.
-Taylor Hanley

“Taylor and I teamed up at the beginning of the year to make my jamboree wildcard video and after that it clicked. We both had our focus set on the same thing and wanted to portray my riding and his filming in one piece. One set of filming led to another and we just kept stacking clips. It turned into a little bigger project than we had anticipated but I’m stoked to show you all what we have come up with.”
-Guenther Oka

Mom and Dad, Taylor Hanley, Kevin Henshaw, BP, Oli Derome, Dylan Miller, Trevor Bashir, Bob Sichel, Quinn Silvernale, Wes, Aaron Grace, Shane Skelton, Byerly, Cory Teunissen, Parker Siegle, Gordon Harrison, Jake Pelot, Jamie Iopina, Meagan Ethel, and Aaron Rathy.

Rider: Guenther Oka
Videographer: Taylor Hanley
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