Sometimes it’s not about the wakeboarding, it’s about the good times with good friends. Introducing South Africa’s Dirty Habits…

“What is Dirty Habits? We’re a group of guys that all have interests in different board sports and extreme sports with one common thing, too have fun. We have some of the craziest international athletes that are part of Dirty Habits.

Nick Jacobson : extreme kiteboarder/Stuntman
Graham Howes : South African Big air kiteboarder (Founder of Dirty Habits)
Dylan Mitchell : SA Boat wakeboarding Champ, World Cup wakeboarding rider.
Craig Eygenberger : SA Cable wakeboarding champ
Tom Court : UK national freestyle kiteboarding champion.
And others supporting us like Aaron Hadlow, 5x world champiuon kiting, Ruben Lenten, and Kevin Langeree.”

To see Dirty Habits Episode 2, head to our Global website.

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